Thursday, 16 October 2014

- One Lovely Blog Award Tag

I've been nominated to do the One Lovely Blog Award tag by Nicole Lee from the blog Hey Let's Makeup. All you have to do is share 7 facts about yourself and nominate 7 other bloggers (remember to let them know you've tagged tagged them). It's a great way to learn more about your fellow bloggers and to find new blogs!

7 Facts About Me:

1. I have three dogs
2. I was 18 the first time I went abroad/on a plane
3. When I was 15 I was vegetarian for a few months
4. I have never broken a bone (touch wood)
5. I am an extremely fussy eater
6. I love documentaries about prison/crime/murder (weird?)
7. I have lived in 7 different houses

Who I Nominate:

1. Claudia from Crafts and Spices
2. Allie from You Gotta Be Gorgeous x
3. Emily from Style Lobster
4. Jelena from Simple and Sparkly Life
5. Ami from Ami Rose
6. Karis from Beauty by Karis
7. Estelle from Let Me Go xo

Thanks again to Nicole Lee for tagging me! If you haven't already go and check out her blog and the other people I tagged! If I've nominated you and you do decide to take part, leave a link to your post below so I can have a little nosy at it! Sorry if I've tagged anyone who's already done it!

Julie x


  1. Thanks for the nomination Julie! I will do it over the next few days. Will keep you posted xx

  2. Hey! Love your blog! It's soooo interesting! Ive nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! but just seen you already been nominated! check mine out too at
    Much Love x